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Places of Presence, Healing & Wisdom

Halema’uma’u Crater
Principal Home of the Goddess Pele

Hawai'i is one of the most powerful and active sacred 
places on the planet… where the spirit world is both 
radiant and present.

Sacred sites are most often the places where the spirit world
easily merges with the physical world. Since ancient times
these sites have held sacred powerful energy and presence.

Across time, sacred sites have had powerful effects on those 
who respectfully visit them... as they are spiritually 
significant places that uplift the heart, touch the soul, 
inspire the imagination & aid to initiate change. 

Their vibrational essence, along with their magnetic power 
have healed people physically, inspire them spiritually, 
and can open one's heart and soul to their Divine purpose.

These Sacred Site Tours are designed to inspire 
and bring/share an ever-deepening awareness of genuine 
spiritual realities into your life. 

Come join Kahu Kalama on a journey of discovery that explores 
the sacred realm of the spiritual world, a journey/pilgrimage 
to some of the most beautiful places in Hawai'i, 
as well as to the deepest most sacred parts of your Self, 
where something more beautiful and full of wonder
than your deepest dreams awaits you.

While most come to vacation in Hawai'i, seeking relaxation 
and renewal - drawn by her breathtaking natural beauty, 
white sand beaches, turquoise waters, gentle dancing palms, 
lush tropical rain forests, & vibrant flowers, Hawai'i is also 
a place of powerful spiritual pilgrimage. 

Just beyond the tourist world, hidden, yet within plain sight, 
is a layer of mystery and healing energy, presence and wisdom, 
a magnificent spiritual power - and an undeniable sense 
of the sacred. 

For those of you called to experience Hawai'i in this way, 
may these sacred site tours be of divine service and may 
your journey be rich with blessing.

Awaken to the mystery & awe of Divine Presence...
and enter into the joyous immensity of your own being!