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About Kahu Kalama...
If You want to find the Secrets of the Universe  
think in terms of Energy, Vibration, and Frequency ~ Nikola Tesla
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Places of Presence, Healing & Wisdom

Kahu Kalama is a wisdom keeper 
of the true essence of Hawaiian spirituality and an honored guardian 
of Hawai'i's sacred sites.

Kahu Kalama is also a spiritual intuitive/healer, aloha light carrier, visionary artist, esoteric (soul) astrologer, internationally recognized author/camera artist, and earth guardian. 

Kahu has been trained in Hawaiian healing practices and given special permission to share Hawaiian spirituality, healing, & the mana of sacred sites by Kahuna Papa K.

Tutored and mentored through the years, Kahu has trained 
with many of the foremost Big Island Native Hawaiian cultural 
luminaries... Kumu (teachers) Kapuna (elders) and Kahuna.

Kahu Kalama  is also the founder of the Light of Aloha Foundation, 
and Ministry, a not for profit educational venue for sharing spiritual 
inspiration, and techniques in practical spiritual living.

Kahu has created a unique body of work woven together 
from a broad spectrum of training and varied experience -
a spiritual educator, internationally recognized author, 
counselor, professional camera artist, a successful 
multi - business owner, photo tour guide,  sacred site tour guide, 
presenter, and healing practitioner.

Kahu offers support, encouragement, comfort, and 
assistance through mentoring, educating, intuitive counseling,
and spiritual coaching - allowing you a fresh perspective 
(a view of the large picture), a clear sense of direction, 
and greater inner alignment.

Kahu possesses a great depth and passion that inspires 
you to realize that the spiritual world is not only 
possible but is an integral part of our everyday reality.

Kahu offers tours, classes,  workshops, retreats, 
and private consultations. He has authored many books -
(click on the link below) plus the Hawai'i  Sacred Sites book...

His accomplishments provide insight into his passion, 
enthusiasm,and creativity. Kahu is a gifted teacher/speaker 
with a unique ability to easily share and communicate 
"how to live" practical spiritual living skills. 

He also brings the same passion – into sharing the 
Spirit of Aloha, and the beauty, wonder, and magnificence 
of the Hawaiian Islands.
Papa K

Kahu is multifaceted, talented, and spiritually gifted, and  has been hanaied (adopted) into the spiritual & Hawaiian family of High Priestess Kahuna Kalei'iliahi.
High Priestess
Kahuna Kalei'iliahi
Kahu has been encouraged and blessed to share the ancient Universal Hawaiian and Lumerian truths by 
Kumu Kahuna Nui Ehulani
Kahuna Nui Ehulani