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Places of Presence, Healing & Wisdom
Introducing Robert's NEW book:

Hawai'i Sacred Sites of the Big Island
Places of Presence, Wisdom and Healing

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Hawai'i Sacred Site Tours on the Big Island!
In most cases, 
it shares their location, history, mystery, and 
the energy currents, qualities, and blessings inherent within each site.

It also shares: 
the appropriate protocols 
for sacred site visitation,
and offers insight based on experience... 

to draw upon the presence, energy, and qualities - that will allow and enable you to have the deepest experience and blessings.

From the Preface
of Robert' new book...
And You? 
When Will You begin Your Long Journey Into Yourself? ~ Rumi
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Hawai'i is one of the most powerful and active sacred places on the planet… where the spirit world is both radiant and present. 

Allowing yourself to open up to her abundant hidden 
Spiritual treasures, you can experience something greater – something beyond the ordinary. You can be uplifted into a world of Divine Presence that opens one's heart and soul to new levels of dynamic inner connectedness, inspiration, creativity and intuitive wisdom.

While most come to vacation in Hawai'i,
seeking relaxation and renewal - drawn by her breathtaking natural beauty, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, gently wind blowing palms, lush rain forests, emerald mountains & vibrant flowers, Hawai'i is also a place of spiritual pilgrimage. 

Just beyond the tourist world, hidden, yet with in plain sight, 
is a layer of mystery and healing energy, presence and wisdom, spiritual power - and an undeniable sense of the sacred. 

For those of you called to experience Hawai'i in this way, 
may this guide be of divine service and may your journey 
be rich with blessing. 

This book will introduce you to many of the sacred sites on the Big Island of Hawai'i - those well-known, those not so well known, and a number known only by a few.