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Hawai'i is one of the most powerful and active sacred places on the planet… where the spirit world is both radiant and present. 

Allowing oneself to open up to her abundant treasure of 
spiritual gifts, one can experience something greater – something beyond the ordinary – one can be uplifted into a growing awareness of Divine Presence, of an unfolding inner transformation, 
and an ever deepening sense of spiritual connectedness.

While there are numerous sacred site options to choose from, 
we center on the sacred sites that emphasis Presence, Healing and Wisdom, allowing you the potential to gain deeply from the  presence, qualities, and energy currents, inherent at these sites.

Hawai'i Sacred Site Tours are the ideal opportunity to experience some of the most mana (spiritually powerful) filled sites, in some 
of the most beautiful landscape/seascapes on the Big Island, both in well-known areas, as well as seldom visited/little known wild lands.

Come experience a more inspirational and deeper Hawai'i...
Come experience an authentic Hawaii Sacred Site Tour. 
Hawai'i Sacred Site Tours on the Big Island!
Places of Presence, Healing & Wisdom
Sacred Site Tours:

$150.00 honorarium for 1.5 hrs. 
for 1 person

$385.00 honorarium for 4 hrs. for 2 people
on the Volcano/Hilo side of the Big Island

$485.00 honorarium for 4 hrs. for 2 people
on Kona/Kohala side the Big Island

Each additional participant ~ $75.00
 Reduced rates for multiple day tours and/or group tours   contact Kahu Robert for details

Robert will personally assist you in accessing the sacred site(s) of your choice, proper protocol, the energies, qualities, and presence, at each of the locations, offer ceremony and share any messages
that may be available to you.

Additional charges for other Hawaii Island Sacred Site Tours: Oahu, Maui, & Kauai
and four wheel drive tours (see below).

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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious
~ Albert Einstein

Approached in the right way - with reverence and respect - sacred sites can be 
a catalyst for gaining inner clarity, healing, inspiration and opening the heart 
and soul to one's Divine purpose.
The Oahu, Maui & Kauai Sacred Site Tours have additional fees due to air fare and car rental. Depending on which other island one chooses the over all price is adjusted accordingly.

If you desire a 4-wheel drive experience, or a 4-wheel drive is needed to get to the site(s) of your choice - then include an additional $100.00 to cover the cost of the rental fee.