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Robert's sacred site tours are extraordinary. 
He has a wonderful depth of knowledge of the Big Island, its history and its spirituality; when you are on a tour, he brings it to life on many levels.

I have been to several heiau with Robert and the presence of those who lived and worshipped there in the past is palpable. He treats each site with great respect, always asking permission from the ancestors to be in that particular area. In doing so, he teaches the proper protocol and inner attitude thereby deepening our own experience.

Using his own profound spiritual understandings along with his great sense 
of humor he enables you to feel a connection to the Big Island that would normally not be possible unless you have lived here for a great many years,
 if not lifetimes.

It is not just visiting the sites that Robert facilitates, but it is helping to open ones mind and more importantly ones heart to the energy and presence that 
a sacred site holds, and to the message it may have for you.

His tours have helped to expand my world and deepen my connection to the spirituality and beauty of the Big Island.

With Robert, there is lots of humor, but also quiet – he can help you find your own quiet connection to presence, where the message of a particular site can be heard and received with clarity. As Robert is fond of saying, 
“The veil is thinner here”.

Deborah Wiseman - England
For those of you who want to get to see and experience the sacred sites 
that hold the energy and mana (spiritual power) of old Hawai'i,  
my highest recommendations is Robert Kalama Frutos for your guide. 


I have had the good fortune to be on three excursions with Robert.
On each trip, he not only let me know the historical background of the area 
or site, he also communicated the spiritual history of the site as well as its present day status. His utter respect and deep love for the energies that inhabit these sites helped me connect deeply.  

What I most appreciate is that he listens to what I know and don’t know, 
and fills in the gaps with true insight and reflection. His ease in interaction and humor make the driving time fun as well as informative.  

Did you want to know the local best eateries as well? Well Robert has those to recommend too! Ask him where the best Lilikoi malasadas can be found on the island. Yummy! 

Please contact me if you want to know more - elektra.porzel@gmail.com 

Aloha, Elektra Porzel

A sacred site combines the mysterious 
with blessings of radiant peace and moments of deep inner clarity!
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Testimonials for Hawai'i Sacred Site Tours!
"I've visited sacred sites around the world, and my experiences with Robert Kalama Frutos, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, rank at the top. As a kuhu (guardian, wisdom - keeper,  minister) and  an intuitive guide,  Robert holds the space, energy, and information that facilitates a deep and moving inner spiritual connection while visiting each sacred sites.  

Robert showed me a hidden Waipio Valley that moved me to the core.  
On a second trip, we went to sites on the south end of the island - completely unknown to most, where I felt the presence of the ancestors and the hearts of the original people who first touched shore there. 

I was profoundly impacted by each of my several trips with Robert. As well, the details of each trip were beautifully handled allowing me to seamlessly drop into the communion with both the seen and unseen worlds that the Hawai'ian Islands so uniquely offers." 

~ Lenedra Carroll